What is catering?

Each person who meets this external word for first time asks for such question. This word is generated from the English word “catering” and translated as a food delivery. For more details, catering service is a special field providing the companies located in long distances with long-term or short-term food. That is, catering companies are of two kinds: one of them is event organizer (for ex.: banquette) and another one is engaged in food delivery to distant points. Catering services include all kinds of services from organization of nutrition to customer service. Our catering company is engaged in this work for long years and has wide experience in this field. We provide all catering related services in the highest quality as the main business field of ours is decoration & garnish, table set and quality menu, so that our clients enjoy it. Thus, our services create a beautiful atmosphere, which is a significant factor for any cooperation.

Food must be and delicious!

Food is a source of energy for all functions of organism and it directly impacts on our body and brain in each step of our life. Doing sports and rejecting harmful habits is not enough for protection of health, an attention must be paid to food, too. Healthy, delicious, useful food is one of the main targets of our activity.

On the way with love...

Although "Ləziz Catering" is a newly-established company, it is on the way of being selective brand with extensive clients group and its professional approach to work, high quality service and placing importance on quality. "Ləziz Catering" has been founded in 2014 and supplied with modern kitchen equipment meeting world standards in more than 500 sq. m area. A company based on qualitative product - qualitative service principle makes contribution to healthy nutrition of its clients with amicable, young and dynamic staff. Assortments of delicious food, prepared by Azerbaijani and Turkish cooks, generate irreplaceable taste of cuisine of two neighbour nations.

Success for us...

  The secret of our success can be expressed in three words: quality, cleanliness and love. We pay great attention to freshness, quality and additive-free of ingredients of food prepared in our modern kitchen meeting all standards. Another important point we pay attention is cleanliness, so, we try to cook and present all meals by following all sanitary instructions. We bear in mind each single detail. Success of a meal depends on its preparation with love and desire. Our professional chefs cook each meal with love and good mood in order to present great taste and flavour to our clients.

Qualitative and tasty...

Our clients are numerous big companies acting within the country, offices, businessmen, who want to meet their foreign guests with delicious foods, and those who want to make their meetings colourful with tastes of world cuisine. Our clients are individual and distinguished for us. Unsatisfied with meals in our menu, we give you an opportunity to select. We are proud of making your meetings, various events, lunches, business lunches delicious with "Ləziz Catering" by cooking any meal you wish and serving it as you wish. Do you want to begin your day in good mood and to enrich your dinner with food of tasty, qualitative, fresh products? Then, you can choose food by "Ləziz Catering" for lunch and dinner. The great role of effective nutrition in protection and strengthening of health is undeniable. Taking into consideration that the source of many diseases is malnutrition, we have to trust skilled hands and choose a quality. The new address of quality and taste is "Ləziz Catering".


We believe that we will be your single choice with our skills and quality.


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